The company

Nuova Cierre has been operating for thirty years in the south of the province of Brescia, an area with an important tradition in the mechanical and steel industry field that the last years it has been innovated thanks to tireless research and constant innovation in applications and organization.

The province of Brescia since the Middle Ages has always distinguished itself for metalworking. For centuries iron has been extracted from the ore dug in the mines of the valleys with smelting furnaces powered by coal produced in the woods. Starting after the Second World War, with the exhaustion of the mines, Brescia specialized in the production of "secondary" steels and metals (in particular aluminum, brass and copper alloys, lead), that is, obtained from the smelting or recycling of scrap. Throughout this period, the “Brescia” steel industry has been able to adapt to the needs of the territory and the evolution of the markets, modifying production and improving the technology.

Over the years Nuova Cierre has acquired new specializations, has invested in equipment and new technologies and has increased its activities towards international markets.

The owner, Cristian Ferrari, started his career in the company in 1994 as an employee, in a few years he developed his knowledge with increasingly and important roles and in the year 2000 he managed to become a manager first and then a partner. With the experience gained over the years, and developing&optimizing new production methods with a very high standard of quality, in 2004 at the age of only 26, he decided to take over Nuova Cierre, becoming its owner and CEO.

The company started its business in the small village ofBarbariga with a plant of 550 square meters, in 2010despite the economic crisis the Italian market was going through, the company was expanded till an area of 1400 square meters. The constant growth of thecompanyrequested a further and necessaryexpansion, moving in a new plant based in Quinzanod'Oglio and expanding the production area till to 3000 square meters. Theworkshopis currently equipped with the all the technical & updated applications that makes the company one of the most innovative, performing and competitive in this field.

Nuova Cierre has been dealing with the production of slewing bearing for more than 30 years, designed and manufactured according to the customer needs.


The objectives of Nuova Cierre are the customer satisfaction and a creation from the beginning of a fair and clear business relationship.
For these reasons we offer to our customers a technical support for the most suitable solution for all their needs but above all a constant communication during the all phases of realization, from the project to the assembly, from the first contact to the after-sales.

The mission of Nuova Cierre is represented by a continuous improvement of its products manufactured with the most technological equipment based on a very high standard of precision capable to increase speed and quality supported by a constant and careful professional training of the personnel.

Nuova Cierre has a technical office that uses increasingly innovative CAD / CAM programs which they make possible to facilitate and speed up the machining processes.

The results are bearings highly performing and always of the highest quality, guaranteed also by an Italian certification of the raw materialtherefore of the first choice.

I progetti

La società Nuova Cierre S.r.l, nel mese di Ottobre, ha presentato domanda a valere sul Bando Investimenti per la Ripresa (Linea A – Artigiani 2021). L’agevolazione è finalizzata a promuovere la competitività delle piccole e medie imprese attraverso il rilancio degli investimenti del sistema produttivo aziendale e dei processi di riorganizzazione e ristrutturazione aziendale. In modo particolare, la finalità è quella di sostenere la ripresa delle attività dei settori maggiormente colpiti dalla crisi derivante dall’emergenza epidemiologica Covid-19, in attuazione della D.G.R. n. XI/5130 del 2 agosto 2021.
Il progetto sostenuto da Nuova Cierre S.r.l., è stato realizzato con il sostegno dell’Unione Europea e Regione Lombardia, cofinanziato con il FESR e finalizzato a promuovere il revamping di impianti e macchinari, volti al miglioramento delle performance produttive e di sicurezza di impianti e macchinari già di proprietà.
Nuova Cierre S.r.l. ha presentato un progetto di importo pari a € 80.000,00, ricevendo un contributo pari a € 40.000,00.