Slewing bearings

The slewing bearing is a necessary component normally placed inside a machine/plant, whose one of a structural part must rotate with respect to another one but both with the same axis, granting then the link between them.

It also has to bear and transmit the operational loads of the structure which is connected and granting the correct precision necessary for the application according to the functional parameters and the life cycle required.

The bearing represents a critical & fundamental component for machines and plants that’s why it has to be chosen based on technical accurate studies.
That’s why Nuova Cierre manufactures extremely versatile slewing bearings which are made in different sizes and variations, from the smallest to the greatest, in order to be used in different fields&applications.


Nuova Cierre, thanks to the advanced machinery plus and ever-increasing quality standards, offering to the customers slewing bearing starting from a minimum diameter of 250 mm to a maximum of 2500 mm with balls, crossed rollers and three rows of rollers.

The company, in addition to the standard products, can meet every customer request, supplying customized pieces, designed for every need and available both in single pieces or in stock.

Market and application

  • Earth moving machines – forklifts

  • Gearboxes – electromotors

  • Steel industry

  • Agricultural machinery

  • Oil & Gas

  • Paper machinery

  • Wind sector

  • Railway sector

  • Semiconductors

  • General engineering

  • Industrial transmissions

  • Pumps and compressors

  • Medical machinery

  • Food processing machinery

  • Water treatment and purification machinery

  • Bottling machines

  • Amusement parks


  • Certificati del materiale:

    • 2.1 certifies the conformity of the material according to the order specifications
    • 2.2 certifies the conformity to the order specifications based on the tests carried out on the products of the same type of the material ordered.
    • 3.1 certifies the conformity of the material based on the tests carried out on samples of the same cast and same batch.
    • 3.2 certifies the conformity of the material based on the tests carried out by a third party
  • Final inspection certification

  • Heat treatment certification

  • Certificate of conformity

  • Certificate of the origin

Altri certificati: